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6000 jobs threatened in the sugar sector

Government officials in Cameroon have told the press that if the problem affecting the sugar sector in the country is  not tackled properly some 6000 jobs may be lost.

The declaration was made by the country’s minister of trade as he visits the Far North Region to assure Muslim faithful that there will be no shortage of sugar during this period of fasting.

So what is the problem with the sugar sector in Cameroon? Official sources put the country’s annual production of sugar at 150000 tons, eventhough yearly demand stands at 180000 tons. The 150000 tons are produced by the state-owned sugar company dubbed SOSUCAM. To make up for the shortage, the government entered into an agreement with some business persons to import 30000 tons and the importation should be done during specific period and not in a haphazard manner.  Official sources hold that the business persons have not been respecting the terms of the agreement.

Consequently, cheap and poor quality sugar is over imported into the country, putting the state-owned sugar company in a difficult situation. Talking to reporter, the Minister of Trade said, if business persons continue to practice unfair competition, they may eventually create problems for SOSUCAM.

One of the problems the government is afraid of, is that of people loosing their jobs. Sources in the ministry stress that some 6000 jobs could be lost. For now Trade Minister Luc Magloire Mbarg-Atangana, insisted that the government is doing everything to keep those jobs.