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CPP vows to boycott 2018 Presidential election

As the months dwindle down to the 2018 Presidential election, some opposition political parties in Cameroon are to boycott the elections.

One of such party is the Cameroon People’s Party (CPP) of Edith Kahbang Walla. Speaking in the North West Region recently during a tour in that part of the country, Kah Walla, as the President of the party is fondly called, said her party will not be taking part in this year’s Presidential election.

Edith Kahbang Walla of CPP

Her pronouncement was further corroborated by the Secretary General of the party, Frank Essi.

In an interview granted to reporter, Essi said the decision not to participate in any election in Cameroon was taken by the CPP National Council, during the party’s recent Convention in Yaounde.

He averred that the party’s decision not to contest in this year’s Presidential election was informed by the porous Electoral System in Cameroon, which “does not guarantee democratic, inclusiveness, consensual and participatory elections.”

Essi further asserted that the CPP is concerned with the situation of war in some parts of the country. “We questioned how elections can be organised in the country when there is civil war in one part of the country.”

To the party’s Scribe, the party will use this time to create the conditions for a democratic political transition in Cameroon and build the capacity of the people to enable them achieve democratic political transition.

“After this stage, we will hold a sovereign and inclusive national dialogue to reconcile Cameroonians, with no subjects consider as taboo subjects for discussion during the national dialogue.   After the national dialogue, we will reform the institutions and the political system of the country and then organise elections based on the new Constitution, the new Electoral System and new institutions,” he said.