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Losing weight and keeping fit has been the desire of so many people in Cameroon and the world at large.

In Cameroon, more and more people are struggling to lose weight, they try various therapies  to keep shape  particularly the women.

According to Ashley Nana, a denizen of  Buea in the South West  Region says “I go on a 21 day  therapy  to keep shape, during the first  10 days  I eat only fruits and stay away from fatty and starchy  foods, and during the last days I consume a lot of water  about 4 litres everyday and carry out sporting activities  to burn out the remaining calories in her body”. Ashley therapy can be acceptable but there are other people who are using extreme methods and one of such methods is the use of herbal teas.

The teas which are already flooding the markets in Cameroon are being used by a huge majority of people to reduce their sizes. “I take green tea in the morning and in the evening before I go to bed in other to break down fats and avoid constipation”, Mr. Elais says.

While Elais is happy with results but health experts say some of the teas are dangerous because some of them are not produced by certified structures, they don’t respect the norms and the quality and some even have substances of doubtful origins.

Experts further warn that the teas which are mostly imported from Asian Countries could produce adverse health and side effects.

Some people especially women rely on pills  while others decide not to take any therapy but to starve  themselves. These shortcuts to weight loss health experts say has severe implications on the health of an individual. Dr Zita Esoe a general practitioner in Edea district hospital in the littoral region of Cameroon   told that some people take pills to cut their appetite and as such are exposed to so many diseases like gastritis, anaemia, low blood pressure.

Cases of  people starving to death have  even been reported. Nutritionists and medical officials are advising the public that they can lose weight without necessarily using those extreme measures, that some of the best ways to cut down is by doing sports and working with a dietitian.