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Gov’t embarks on national preventive campaign after Cholera scare

The Government of Cameroon has launched a National campaign for the prevention and fight against Cholera, after a scare in the outbreak of the disease in some parts of the country.

While lunching of the campaign, the Minister of Public Health, Andrew Mama Fouda, exhorted Cameroonians to step up their hygienic conditions to void an epidemic. This came after two cases of the disease were reported in the North Region and four cases were detected in the Centre Region of the country.

In the South West Region of Cameroon, the situation is even more disturbing because of the ongoing socio-political tumult. Some doctors have expressed worries over the hygienic conditions of the internally displaced persons, who live in the forests without access to potable water.

Speaking to, Dr. Zita Esoe, said Cholera is a bacterial disease, usually spread through contaminated water.

Dr. Zita Esoe

According to her, Cholera causes severe diarrhoea and dehydration. “If left untreated, Cholera can be fatal in a matter of minutes, even in previously healthy people. This disease causes a significant loss of body fluids, dehydration, which can lead to death,” the Medic stated.

For the internally displaced persons in the South West Region who don’t have access to potable water, she advised them to always purify their water by boiling and allowing it to cool and put the water in a closed container to avoid bacteria from contaminating the water before consuming it.

In case of a suspected case of Cholera, Dr. Esoe urged the population to give the patient salt and sugar solution mixed in a litter of water.

National Campaign against Cholera

“They should equally try to rush such a person to the nearest health centre, while administering the oral solution. In case of death, the clothes of the patient should be disinfected with chlorine solution at two percent in a 20 litre of water. For those in the bushes, the clothes of the deceased and beddings should be soaked in hot water and allow to boil. This is to disinfect the clothes of the deceased because the disease is highly contagious,” she emphasised.

Doctor Esoe further stressed that the best way of managing the disease is prevention because it can claim the life of a person in a matter of minutes.

In this regards, “everybody most uphold good hygienic conditions; first by washing their hands with clean water, soap and wood ache after using the toilet, before and after meals. People should also wash fruits and vegetable properly before consuming them and avoid eating cold food among others.”