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Halim Hayatou assuages fear of Cholera situation in North Cameroon


Cameroon’s Secretary of State in the Ministry of Public Health in charge of Epidemics and Pandemics, Halim Hayatou, says the Cholera outbreak in the North Region of the country is under control.


The secretary of State made the observation after a field visit to the Region on Monday, July 30, 2018 to evaluate measures put in place by Government and international partners to put minimise the spread of the pandemic.

Hayatou took interest in the distribution of Cholera awareness tools to the local population


During the visit, Cholera beds were distributed to some health facilities. The locality of Tchontchi was given five beds, Guider got 10 beds,  Mayo Oulo got nine beds, Garoua II five beds,  while  the Regional Hospital of Garoua got five beds for in-patient monitoring.


The State official also had working sessions with officials of the World Health Organisation (WHO). An assessment on the use of the ‘Cholera stockpile calculator’ was also done. The Government functionary expressed satisfaction that the necessary tools and up-to-date measures had been taken to fight the Cholera outbreak.


At least 65 suspected cases of Cholera have been reported in the Region as at July 23. Some 10 deaths were recorded, while others were properly treated.


 By Maxcel Fokwen(