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Cameroonian genius creates multifaceted social media platform to rival Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter

When Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues (Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes launched Facebook on February 4, 2004, it marked the beginning of a monumental milestone in the spheres of communication, socialisation and social interaction.

Ivan Mako Namme, Founder of

Since the emergence of facebook and other social communication platforms like Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, and others, communication has been revolutionised and made easy. However, despite this revolution and evolution in communication, Africans have only been observers and consumers of this technological revolution.

In a bid to break this yoke and bridge the technological divide between Africa and the rest of the world, a Cameroonian whiz kid and technological wizard, Ivan Mako Namme, has created a revolutionary Pan-African network called

According to the graduate from the University of Minnesota in the United States of America, “is a newly created and a leading Pan African social network, powered by the youth with unlimited potential and more than one million registered members worldwide.”

Going by him, the core of Akwatik is that it is culturally relevant. “Akwatik is the first network to have instant translation on its chat. Translation of languages like Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa, Swahili and more. This, I hope, can bridge the language barrier that limits social and business interactions. I see IT and App creation as the best way to create entrepreneurs and foster youth employment. If ever there was a solution to bridge the digital divide, Africa has invented it,” Mako Namme further stated.

The genius said his intention of creating Akwatik is to provide highly paid jobs for the youths. “I used my media skills to create a TV network, video network and film fan club which I cleverly embedded in my social network. At a glance, it looks like Facebook, but it is so much more. I have also embedded an e-Learning platform, an eight-person video conferencing – perfect for small meetings.
Other features include a full mail client and live streaming TV channels. It is important to make our network engaging, so, fun features like free movies and an awesome music jukebox will keep it fun. Africa has 1.2 billion people and I intend to chase that market and run a platform that can transform lives. I like Africa to engage in e-Commerce and hope to brand international bank’s visa cards as the main payment gateway.

“ therefore provides a global information sharing platform. It also proves an achieving and backup data solution among other features. After months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to officially announce the launching of Africa’s very own social network on August 15, 2018. Our vision with this social network is to foster collective consciousness, a spirit of brotherhood, self-reliance and a sophisticated business platform that produces ideas and employment opportunities to our gifted youths. We call it a cultural network, because, for the first time, we integrate media and IT seamlessly on one platform,” he said.

Mako Namme thanked the National Centre for the Development of Computer Sciences (CENADI) for embracing the project and Cameroon’s Ministry of Higher Education for supporting the project, which officials of the Ministry said falls with President Biya’s vision of encouraging digital education of youth.

“The Minister of Higher Education has sent letters to all State Universities, which has facilitated our campus campaigns greatly. With African Languages like Ibo, Hausa and Swahili included on it is quite a breakthrough and a strong appeal to other countries to come on board. We are delighted that the business community has shown great interest in our innovation like Rwanda Airlines, FedEX and UBA Bank,” he said.