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Bishops confront Gov’t over Priest’s death, demand for investigation

The Bishops of Cameroon under the canopy of the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon (NEEC) have once again expressed their abhorrence over the assassination of Fr Alexander Nougi Sob, Priest of Buea Diocese in the South West Region of Cameroon.

Fr. Sob was killed in a cross fire between some gunmen and elements of the forces of law and order along the Muyuka-Buea Highway, on Friday, July 20, 2018, while on his way to visit his parents in Muyuka.

NCC Members

Meanwhile, meeting in a conference in Yaounde on August 7, 2018, members of NECC condemned in strong terms the slaying of the Priest and called on Government to probe into the killing and bring perpetrators of such heinous acts to face the arm of the law.

To the Prelates, the demise of the Priest was another ugly reminder of the painful memory of the late Bishop of Bafia, Mgr. Jean Marie Benoit Bala, who was also assassinated barely one year ago.
In a NECC press release titled, “Message of the Bishops of Cameroon on killings and the Escalation of Violence in the North West and South West Regions”, signed by NECC President and Archbishop of Douala, His Grace, Samuel Kleda, the Bishops expressed their heartfelt condolence to the Bishop of Buea, Mgr. Immanuel Bushu, the Christians of Bomaka Parish and the family of Fr Sob for the demise of their son.

“We also express our unflinching solidarity with and compassion for all the bereaved or displace families, and to all victims of violence related to the Crisis in the North West and South West Regions.”

The Prelates expressed worries that as the days go by, the Crisis escalates, endangering lives, property and social cohesion.

“The population, administrative, traditional and religious authorities, the Police and the Security Forces are assaulted, humiliated and terrorised. To this effect, civilians are kidnapped and taken to unknown destinations were they are subjected to torture, inhuman and undignified treatment.

“No one is spared from this situation of insecurity, not even religious authorities. A clear example is the case of Rev Fr. Alexander Sob Nougi, Parish Priest of Secret Heart Parish, Bomaka (Diocese of Buea), and former Catholic Education Secretary of the Diocese of Buea, shot dead on July 20, in the town of Muyuka”.

“Some villages have been emptied of their population, caught between arm groups and secessionists who instil terror and the National Defence Forces, whose mission is to maintain order and safety of goods and persons.”

The Bishop exhorted the Government to investigate into such killings, especially the clergy so that the perpetuators of such acts in the two Anglophone Regions may face legal actions in the competent courts.

Bishops of Cameroon

“We request the renunciation of violence and war as a means of reclaiming political demands and resolution of the Crisis between sons and daughters of our nation. As we emphasise in our cry of distress, (May 16, 2018), we think that mediation is now more urgent in order to come out of the Crisis. Please, spare our country, Cameroon, from a useless and senseless war!”

“For this reconciliation, we pray to God the Father, May You Make your Church a sign of unity and an instrument of your peace among all people. We invite all the faithful of Cameroon as well as men and women of goodwill to intensify prayers of supplication and intersection, so that the Lord may touch the heart of all, and give everyone the courage to renounce all obstacles to an immediate resolution of the Crisis, and the return to Peace,” the Bishops write.