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Donations rot, SDF blames Gov’t for failed mission to Nigeria

The Social Democratic Front (SDF) party has accused the Government of Cameroon of blocking its planned visit to refugees from the North West and South West Regions trapped in Nigeria owing to the Anglophone Crisis as donations raised for the exercise have begun decomposing.

Fidelis Balick Awah, SDF Mayor of the Bamenda II Council, made the remark recently to reporters as he unveiled the party’s decision to distribute the food stuffs and other items to other displaced persons at home.

The Mayor said the regime in place has denied the SDF the opportunity to visit the population, accusing it of being partly responsible for the current situation in Cameroon.

He said the regime is putting speed breaks on the track of the SDF by not granting its application in that light.

Stocked humanitarian package from the SDF

A warehouse had been set up in Bamenda and stocked with food stuffs and other survival materials in anticipation for the Nigerian expedition to see the refugees.

At the moment, the SDF official said, a team will be set up to identify people who have been displaced internally to hand them the gifts. He averred that, the consignment will not be given to just anybody who show up, but to people whose situation will be verified and ascertained.

The planned visit of a delegation of the leading opposition party in Cameroon to Nigeria has been on for months. But developments within political circles seem to have worked against it.

It will be recalled that on the instructions of the party, then South West Regional Chairman of the party, Martin Forcha Ndobegang, embarked on several visits to Nigeria to prepare the ground for the exercise. SDF National Chairman, Ni Njohn Fru Ndi, was expected to head the delegation for the exercise.

Over 35,000Cameroonians refugees have escaped the current Crisis into Nigeria.