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Ndu DO promises ‘death penalty’ to defaulters of curfew

The Divisional Officer (DO) of Ndu Sub-division, Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region has warned residents of his area of jurisdiction on the heavy sanctions that await them if they continue to violate a February 10, 2018 gubernatorial order banning movements and circulation between 09:00pm and 05:00am daily.

In a strongly worded press release signed on August 6, 2018, Adamu Shuaibu Ibrahim informed residents of his area of command of a death penalty should they continue to violate the order signed by Governor Adolphe Lele L’Afrique.

Cap of Divisional Officer (DO)

According to the DO, all those caught outside within those hours would be treated as armed assailants. “The Divisional Officer of Ndu Sub-division has the honour to remind the entire population of this unit that….those found outside their homes during curfew period shall face a very high risk of being treated by security forces as armed assailants and should have themselves to blame,” DO Adamu Shuaibo said.

Looking at the treatment reserved for suspected armed assailants by the Cameroonian military, the DO may just be pronouncing the death penalty on anybody found outside for whatsoever reasons given the fact these suspected assailants are mostly killed even at close range.

In the meantime, more and more civilians are being targeted with eye witnesses pointing fingers directly at Government forces. With this outing of the Divisional Officer, it means security officers have been given the license to shoot to kill between 09:00pm and 05:00am under the pretext of keeping safe the environment off the limits of armed assailants.

However, according to the Divisional Officer, his decision is informed by the desire of some individuals to see Ndu become another centre for bloodbath.

He cited the case of a soldier killed a forth night ago in the locality of Mbiyer, under his jurisdiction. Talking to some Ndu residents, they said there have been some movements in and around their area of late but the DO’s response is disproportionate.