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Kah Walla advocates for non-violent protests to overthrow dictators, not election

The National Chair of the Cameroon People’s Party (CPP), Edith Kahbang Walla, says the best way to overthrow an authoritarian regime is through non-violent protests and not through elections or “a false dream”.

She advocated for non-violent protests as a panacea to authoritarian regime in her tweet to the nation. In the tweet suspected to have been inspired by the upcoming Presidential poll, Cameroon’s most active woman in politics, who is known for championing street protests and ending up behind bars alongside her supporters, appeared to be drumming for more non-violent street protests as a way to change the balance of power in Cameroon.

The CPP leader also cast doubt on the country’s electoral process as a means that will never yield any positive or desired change.

“A myriad of brutal dictators have been taken down by non-violent protests: Tunisia, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Serbia, British Empire in India, racial discrimination in the USA….Please cite just 1-2 dictators that have been removed from power by elections. Who has a false dream? Kah Walla tweeted on August 11.

Kah Walla tweet

The former Presidential candidate pulled out of this year’s election on grounds that the focus should be on solving the Anglophone Crisis that have crippled many aspects of national life in the country and not wasting resources and time in organising an election while a great part of the country is going through a toll of great pain.

Kah Walla’s August 11 tweet, now points out that the firebrand politician might have pulled out of the race this year, due to frustration that Biya and his regime cannot be rooted out through the ballot box.

By referring to the electoral process in the country as “a false dream” and asking a rhetorical question on who is having the false dream in the electoral process, Kah Walla appeared to have also made reference to the issue of a false dream, which is the campaign slogan of Hon. Joshua Osih, the SDF Presidential hopeful, who is campaigning with the popular slogan of “24 million dreams in action”.

To Kah Walla, who has given up on the battle through the ballot box, all should engage in protests in order to topple the Biya regime that has been accused by the opposition, of rigging elections over the years.

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