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Over 30 thousands litres of illegal fuel seized in Limbe

More than 30 thousands litres of illegal fuel entering the country has been captured and intercepted by the Navy in Limbe on Saturday August 11, 2018.

The vessels transporting the illegal fuel left Nigeria and was sailing towards Cameroon when it was trapped around the Bakassi Peninsular.

Boat at the Bota wharfs

According to the Navy Commander representing the Commander in Limbe, the boat transporting the illegal fuel from neighbouring Nigeria was intercepted, captured and brought to the Bota wharfs by the Navy off the coast of the Bakassi Peninsular in the Cameroon territorial waters as it was on its usual patrol mission securing the territorial waters.

The illegal fuel of more than 300 drums of 200 litres each given an estimate to over FCFA 25 million has been handed to the competence arm of the government, the Regional Delegation for Water and Energy for due processing.

“The commission is going to look at the product to verify the quality of the product and if the quality is good, we will carry out an auction sales for the product but if the quality is poor, we will partner with SONARA to recycle the product”, representative of the Regional Delegate for Water and Energy, Mr. Jerome told The National Times reporter.

The Navy in Limbe has been working tirelessly in making sure the coast in Limbe is free not just from illegal goods entering the country but equally working with other forces to ensure the total security of Cameroon territorial waters off the coast in the Bakassi Peninsular.

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