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SW Chiefs, Elites request audience with Biya to end Anglophone Crisis

Members of the South West Chiefs Conference (SWECC) led by their President, Senator Nfon Victor Mukete, and those of the South West Elite Association (SWELA) led by their Secretary General, Moki Joseph Etukeni, have expressed the wish to meet with President Paul Biya to end the surging Anglophone Crisis.

The decision was taken as the aforementioned stakeholders converged on the Yaounde Conference Centre on Saturday, August 11, 2018, to deliberate on the ongoing socio-political Crisis crippling the South West Region and its population.

Peter Mafany Musonge shakes hand with other elites after the meeting

After examining the current situation in the Region, they expressed the wish to meet the President of the Republic, Paul Biya at his own convenience.

They also resolved to meet in Buea on August 25, 2018, in an all South West mega meeting on the theme “Peace and unity through dialogue in order to create the enabling environment for peaceful elections and an end to violence and destruction in the Region.”

In a communiqué signed by SWECC President and SWELA Scribe, both officials wrote: “After noting with dismay that there seems to be a well calculated attempt by certain groups to destroy the economy of the Region through the imposition of ghost towns, the crippling of activities of the CDC and PAMOL, as well as small holder schemes, the disruption of the execution of Public Investment Projects, we the South West Chiefs and Elites vowed that we will not accept that our Region be used as a laboratory or experimental ground for illegal and mischievous acts of violence and destruction and disrespect of constituted authority.”

After declaring that “the South West Region will continue to welcome all those who are patriotic, peace loving and wish to live in concord with the people of the Region in the interest of the entire nation, they qualified the Anglophone General Conference convened by Cardinal Tumi and other cleric as “a premature event given that people need time to mourn, reflect and heal following the desecration of their land, culture and tradition.”

They further noted with alarm the arson carried out on schools, hospital structures, administrative buildings and private property, the intimidation of teachers and students, the abduction of administrative agents and murder of innocent citizens, security officials and traditional rulers.”

Under the Chairmanship of political Elite, Peter Mafany Musonge, they promised to work in synergy and determination to sensitise their youths to carry out a campaign of Republican reawakening of their people as to the dangers and threats to their existence and their future in terms of culture and development and to convince them to leave the bushes and lay down their arms in order to make dialogue and peace possible thereby creating an enabling environment for peaceful elections to take place and effective school resumption.

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