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Buea-based Artist wins Art Exhibition Prize

Elangwe CeCe, a Buea-based Artist and one of the finest Artists in Central Africa, has brought home the first prize for Arts Exhibition, during the 2018 National Festival of Arts and Culture (FENAC) in Bertoua.

Dynamic in his painting, Elangwe made it clear that he won the first prize because he focused his painting on children and the theme for the year.

PM Yang shaking hand with Minister of Arts and Culture in bertoua

“My paintings were outstanding because I actually followed some aspects of diversity in culture and national unity, like a child carrying a child. I focused on children because they are the leaders of tomorrow. So they need to be educated too, so that they can know how to be good leaders in future” he told The National Times.

According to Elangwe, to be a good painter you must know your Community and their worries. “It’s all about an artist knowing his communities and the worries and putting it into practice to make people interested,” he said.

The “Dissongo” Dance Group of Mundemba in the Ndian Division, South West Region, also won the third prize in Traditional Dance competition.

The dance group made of 12 members of both males and females thrilled the audience and judges with their powerful dance group and costumes made of raffia.

This year’s FENAC was celebrated under the theme: “Diversity of Culture and National Unity”.

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