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Villagers halt escape plans from military

Hundreds of villagers in Kombone Mission, Mbonge Sub-division, South West Region of Cameroon have halted plans to escape into the bushes after three youngsters arrested during a military cross fire regained their freedom.

An inhabitant of the locality recounted to The National Times that pandemonium ripped through Kombone on Assumption Day after the trio fell into the dragnet of the military.  Our source explained that the three arrested prostrated on the main road as the security forces battled separatists fighters on Tuesday August 15, 2018

As the gun shots subsided, a military van drove to the spot where the boys laid and arrested them. They were ferried to a detention facility in Kumba.

News of their arrest and transfer to Kumba left villagers disheartened. Many thought that the three boys will be killed. As this version of killing made the rounds in the locality, the population parked their belongings ready to escape.

A few days after, the youngsters were freed. Our source said, the military freed them after investigations revealed that they were mere civilians caught in the cross fire. The military is reported to have paid the fare of the suspected separatists’ fighters to return home.

Their appearance in Kombone brought an atmosphere of relieve. Many who had outlined plans to escape returned to their homes.

Kombone-Mission, a cosmopolitan locality on the Kumba-Mbonge stretch remains one of the rare villages spared from the incessant burning and looting that has affected scores of localities within the context of the Anglophone Crisis.

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