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Bafaws want dialect enlisted in school curricular

Indigenes of Bafaw extraction in the South West Region of Cameroon have launched a new crusade to get the Lifaw Language thought in schools in the country.

The wish was echoed on Thursday, August 16, 2018, during a ceremony to unveil the Lifaw alphabet at the Kumba City Council Chambers.

John Kwo Akwo Eyoh, President of the Bafaw Language Development Association (BAFLADEAS) told reporters that after the launching of the Lifaw alphabet chart, actions will be initiated to get the language thought in public and private schools.

Akwo said Thursday’s achievement is the product of a campaign launched since 1996 to develop the Bafaw language.

”As happy as you can see; there is nobody who sits on a branch of tree and takes a machete to cut that same branch, I think it is pride for  the Bafaw tribe that we have gotten to this level. It is time for every Bafaw son and daughter, who has the tribe at heart; who knows that there will be a tomorrow to make that solemn commitment and join us to move this project ahead. We have started and I don’t think there is going to be any turning back,” Akwo stated.

Akwo said those in the Diaspora need the project more than those at home. He explained that they need it to be able to identify where they are coming from and to train their children. “It will enable them to show the world that they come from the Bafaw tribe”.

Kumba City Council Government Delegate, Victor Nkelle Ngoh, said it is a turning point in the development of the Lifaw language. The delegate who chaired the occasion challenged members assigned with tasks for the development of the dialect to sustain the action. Ngoh expressed hope that the Lifaw can now be thought in schools

Prince Ndoki Esoka Mukete averred that the Lifaw remains one of Cameroon’s most romantic languages. He said if exploited, children will be able to read and write the language.

Emmanuel Keyeh, Technical Director of the Cameroon Association of Bible Translators and Literacy(CAPTAL) said the institution remains open to support the Bafaw people.

On July 29, 2017, CAPTAL signed an MoU with BAFLADEAS to work for a possible translation of the bible. It is estimated to cost FCFA 50 million for a period of 10 years. Both parties are expected to contribute FCFA 25million each for the project.


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