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Security concerns take Cameroon’s Interior Minister, Gendarmerie boss to Grand North

Cameroon’s Interior Minister Paul Nji Atanga is on a three day working visit to the Northern Regions (Grand North) of the country.
This comes after the Secretary of State in charge of the National Gendarmerie; Landry Yves Galax Etoga, undertook a similar tour of the turbulent zones last week.

Minister Atanga Nji on field visit

Minister Atanga Nji’s visit is focused on evaluating the recovery plan of the Regions in areas affected by activities of the Book Haram. He is expected to get reports from the Divisions across the Adamawa, North and Far North Regions on the situation of Government’s investment to resurrect the affected zones.

Since 2015, the Cameroon Government is reported to have invested money in over 100 projects in the affected zones. The investment is part of a broad recovery plan from the activities of the jihadists.

Much of the investment targets the construction of schools ,security posts, custom checkpoints and other Government structures that have suffered in the close to half a decade battle against Boko Haram on Cameroon’s soil.

Keen interest is expected to be on the Far North Region that has suffered most .Hundreds of girls and women have been displaced in this area. The Government and other international humanitarian partners found common ground to restore life in the battered localities.

Atanga Nji’s tour of the zone comes days after he announced that the Head of State has disbursed funds for the construction of administrative structures in some nine Sub-divisions in the troubled Anglophone Regions. He made the declaration in Bamenda, North West Region.

Security Concerns
Last week, the Secretary of State, Yves Landry Etoga’s tour of the same areas was focused on evaluating the security situation. Etoga used the visit to get information on the challenges faced on the field in the crusade against Boko Haram.

At the different stops of the visit, the Gendarmerie boss was shown around different Gendarmerie Legions and Centres of operation. He also touched down on areas still experiencing pockets of jihadists’ resistance.

The visit also comes in line with actions towards stepping up security ahead of the October 7 Presidential election. The mission to the area was conducted days after a national security meeting grouping all security top brass of the regime.
The meeting held at the request of incumbent President, Paul Biya.

Though both missions to the Grand North have been given different connotations, observers say the key concern is security. For one thing, the Interior Minister is also Permanent Secretary of the National Security Council.

The visits to the three Northern Regions are the first for both Atanga and Etoga since their appointment into Government on March 2, 2018.

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