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Bloody storm gathers in Douala ahead of SDF planned protest

Inhabitants of Cameroon’s Economic Capital, Douala have expressed worries that there may be deadly clashes in the metropolis on Saturday, September 15, 2018, if militants of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) embarked on their non-violence demonstration, despite an embargo on the demonstration issued by the Divisional Officer(DO) of Douala I.

Recently, the SDF Littoral Regional Chair, Jean Michel Nintcheu, unveiled a plan for a non-violence demonstration in Douala against the location of polling stations in police barracks.

Jean Michel Nintcheu and Jean NarieTchakui (DO)

Few days after the announcement, the Divisional Officer (DO) of Douala I, Jean NarieTchakui, issued a press release, banning the SDF planned protest march, slated for September 15, 2018.

Speaking to the press in Douala, Nintcheu said “I will not succumb to the decision of an overzealous DO, who spends his time frustrating all the plans of the SDF”, he added.

The planned demonstration is aim at forcing Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) to remove all polling stations in military barracks in the city of Douala. The SDF Littoral Chair insisted that the peaceful demonstration will go on as planned, describing the move by the DO as unconstitutional.

“I have not even been notified by the DO. I will take to the street as planned”, Nintcheu reiterated.

Meanwhile, in his release, the DO of Douala I reminded the SDF militants that the move is a threat to public order and called on the SDF head to channel their grievances to the right headquarters.

But Nintcheu has accused the DO of abuse of power, stating that it does not matter where the protest takes place.

“The local administrators and police officers have a duty to accompany the demonstrators and prevent them from derailing from the initial activities”, he stated.

Less than 18 days to the protest, many Douala city dwellers feared that another battle line seems to have been drawn between the Jeans (Jean Michel Nintcheu of the SDF and Jean Marie Tchakui the DO).

This is not the first time the two Jeans will be facing-off concerning an authorisation to organise a public rally in Douala I.

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