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Shocking: 9 Km road construction to gulp FCFA 27 billion

Cameroon’s Minister of Public Works, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, has confirmed social media reports, that the tarring of the Yassa entry road into Douala would cost a whopping FCFA 27 billion.

Cameroon’s Minister of Public Works, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi

Nganou Djoumessi made the declaration in a recent press briefing in Yaoundé following social media reports that the Government is spending such a lump sum amount of money on just a 9km stretch of road. The budget is just an estimate by the company and the technical commission still has to work on it, stated the Minister.

“27 billion FCFA is the estimate of the financial studies…we have a competent commission to analyze it.” Djoumessi also argued that the amount of money proposed by the technical committee is even small as compared to similar projects carried out under the same conditions. “The amount proposed by the company is very low when you consider similar work taken place around the area like the second bridge over the Wouri River,” Djoumessi argued.

Talking about the technicalities which inflated the cost, Djoumessi averred that the nine km would actually be 27km because it would be a three-way traffic. He also disclosed that certain side works like electricity, water and telephone repairs would be done as well as the construction of a travelers’ park.

The Minister also assured the public of the durability and quality of the work. “We are not constructing a road for two or three years, but a road that would last for about 20 years. Even though the amount proposed by the company is too small, we will make sure that the quality of the road should not be poor,” he said.

Minister Djoumessi also answered some worries expressed by Journalists and announced that the company that was to initially construct the road has defaulted on the original date which was 31st March 2018 and as of now the company cannot be traced not even its head office, “but the Ministry of Public Works is making sure the work is done by March 2019, since it has to serve in the upcoming African Football Cup of Nations 2019.”

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