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12,000 Cameroonian youths are drug addicts- Communication Minister

Cameroon’s Communication Minister cum Government Spokesperson, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, says at least 12,000 youths between the ages of 10 and 15 across the country are suffering from drug addiction.
Tchiroma made the revelation, Monday, August 27, 2018, during a press conference at the Ministry of Communication.

MINCOM Boss, Issa Tchiroma

The outing was in a bit to outline the exploits and plans of the Government to roll back drug consumption among youths.

Speaking at the meeting, Tchiroma stated that consumers of drugs such as nicotine, tramadol and tramol are brainwashed into engaging in acts of violence that are dishonourable to the symbols and virtues of the nation.

The Minister averred that the current security threats in the South West Region are a by-product of such drug consumptions. He accused individuals of indoctrinating the youths and then arming them to carry guns against State security agents.

Minister Tchiroma cited the burning of schools, destruction of State structures and other acts such as rape and looting to the influence of drug consumption among this category of persons.

The Communication Minister insists that if such drugs are barred from circulating in the trouble- plagued Anglophone Regions, the tempo of the Crisis could be brought under control.

According to him, his outing is based on instructions from the Head of Government, Philemon Yang to communicate Government’s measures aimed at battling the rising trend of drug consumption among youths.

Before now, civil society organisations have been battling the Government over the location of beer parlours near school campuses across the country.

Even in the current war against separatists in the two English-speaking Regions, images from security forces which The National Times could not authenticate show huge piles of drugs found in separatists’ camps.

Cameroon shares a long border with the Federal Republic of Nigeria where the trade in such drugs is believed to be a huge industry. Besides, beer parlours, night clubs and other social centres which favour the consumption of drugs are loosely regulated in Cameroon.

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