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Mayor defies security threats, preside over pubic occasion

Martin Forcha Ndobegang, Mayor to the Kumba II Council, South West Region of Cameroon showed up at a public occasion Sunday August 26 defiling threats from unknown men that have chased his peers into hiding.

Ndobegang answered present at the Bonke field stadium in his municipality. He presided over the end of the 2018 session of the council’s inter quarters football tournament and went home unperturbed.

Mayor of kumba II handing trophy

Quizzed on fears that hisabsence at the occasion had already been predicted, the mayors said “I am a man of the people… I cannot be afraid of my own people. We are doing this for the interest of the youths. So how can I be afraid of the very youths I am doing this for. So there was no fear and even those who were afraid I asked them to come….. I assured them that nothing was going to happen to them. I am not God but God has many it possible that this final has taken place successfully” Ndobegang told reporters.

The mayor told the youths that, he remains open to invest in projects that will improve on their wellbeing. He challenged youths across his municipality to stay out of trouble. He promised to lobby for the construction of a grandstand on the 4 hectare expanse municipal stadium which remains largely under exploited. This he disclosed must happen in 2019. Ndobegang regretted that though it is the only public stadium in Kumba, no huge investment has been carried out on it.


The mayor boasted that, across the South West Region, his council area remains the best in terms of investment in Youths and female football.

The competition which was in its fourth edition for the male category and second edition for the females is part of the council’s annual social investment plan for its youthful population.

In the encounters that sanctioned the end of the tournament, Legend Football Academy  tussled with Wilderness Football Club, FC of Kosala in the male category. In the female finals, the match pitted Legend Football Academy against Regina Ladies .

The Legend Girls crushed their opponent three goals to zero to carry home the trophy. They received a cash prize of FCFA 200.000 while the runners up went home with FCFA 100.000. The curtain raiser came in the first half while the two other goals were scored in the second half of the encounter.

For the male finals, the encounter ended on post-match penalties after a goalless draw. The officials switched directly into penalties owing to time constraints. Legend boys fell to Wilderness FC four goals to 2 from the penalty spot. The winner went home with a cash prize of FCFA 400,000; runners up FCFA 200,000 and the third placed team were given a prize of FCFA 100,000. Other individual prizes were awarded to outstanding players.

According to the mayor, the finals of the tournament which delayed for months was the consequence of financial constraints attributed o the sociopolitical atmosphere in the two Anglophone Regions. The mayor told the youths that, locally, the council raised just FCFA 30.000 as revenue for one month

The Kuma  II Council  inter quarters competition this far remains the only tournament that has been played across Meme Most councils in the Division now operate below capacity within the context of the Anglophone crisis. The tournament had over 10 teams in participation.

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