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NW health map in danger, Menchum cut-off, FCFA 62 million worth drugs abandoned

By Maxcel Fokwen

The health map of Cameroon’s troubled North West Region is in distress with drugs worth FCFA 62 million reported abandoned.

Some Health Districts such as Menchum  are cutoff owing to the deteriorating Anglophone impasse.

Announcements in this light surfaced Wednesday September 19 as health officials from across the Region converged on Bamenda to assess the situation and alert hierarchy on the dangers at hand.

Richard Fondoh Mbarika, Manager of the North West Regional Fund for Health Promotion (NWRFHP) announced the statistics as he consulted with Directors of health establishments and District Medical Officers.

Mbarika said some health centres have been ditched with drugs that may soon expire. Other health districts, the Medic lamented, are facing severe shortage of medications. He disclosed that, only some 15 health districts have received emergency supplies from NWRFHP while others are completely cut-off. Such supplies, Mbarika noted, came in July and were expected to last till September 15.

North West Regional Delegate of Public Health, Dr Che Soh Kingsley organiser of the consultation meeting challenged his collaborators to defy the odds. Soh said, the population in the affected areas remain in need of health services.

Dr Soh told his collaborators that, further consultations with the Regional Governor will be done to arrest some of the problems raised.

Besides, the equity and performance bonuses of the health officials will be stepped up while further action is awaited from hierarchy.

Dr Rose Njini, Supervisor at the  Bamenda Regional Hospital, identified increase in the  number of  patients with pending bills, threats and fake news on social media as some of the challenges facing the sector.

HIV patients in the Region are among those in danger owing to the challenges. However, some Non Governmental Organisations such as Doctors Without Borders are lending a helping hand.

A few weeks back, Public Health Minister Andre Mama Fouda, issued a circular calling on health personnel in the troubled Regions to return to work.

The Minister in that outing blamed separatists for the attacks on health workers and structures. Some health personnel have died under questionable circumstances within the crisis.


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