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Foumban mudslide victims receive Presidential succour

Over 20 families in the Njintong Quarter, Foumban, Noun Division, West Region of Cameroon saddened after mudslides resulting from torrential rainfall have been assisted by President Paul Biya.

Territorial Administration Minister, Paul Atanga Nji, was at the site of the incident recently. Atanga used the visit to share President Biya’s donations to the affected families.

The donations which comprised mattresses, food items and other household items were shared to the affected families to help them recover from the shocks of the damage.

Atanga Nji told the State media that the Head of State is concerned with the well being of the people reason why he dispatched the donation to the affected families.

Besides the Minister, scientists, geologists and other State technical experts were part of the delegation which conducted studies of the affected zone to prevent such mishap in the future.

On the September 3, 4 and 5, continuous torrential rain provoked movements within the soil. The saturated soils developed fault lines leading to the collapse of some buildings.

Most of the houses constructed using locally fabricated blocks were swept in the runoff.

The Foumban incident is about the fourth in Cameroon within this year alone. The first was within the Maroua I neighbourhood a few months back. The Maroua incident left at least 150 families affected. Weeks after, the Head of State dispatched help to those affected.

Days after Maroua, there was another flood in some neighbourhoods in Douala. Some private health centres and homes were flooded in that happenstance.

In the night of July 24 this year, landslides resulting form hours of rainfall struck the central part of Limbe.

At least a dozen people died in that incident. South West Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai stormed Limbe condoling with the affected families. He urged the population to avoid building on risky zones.

Days later, Government dispatched support to the families. Then came some Presidential candidates such as Cabral Libii of the Universe party who visited the affected families’ offering help.

Observers of the polity have described moves from incumbent President Paul Biya and other politicians as meant to gain more support from the population.



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