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Between Prophet Frank and Prophet Biya, who did God really call?

The heat is on as Cameroonians go in for the fifth Presidential elections since the introduction of multiparty democracy in 1990. The challenge this year is enormous as the 6 million potential voters have to choose among a plethora of nine seductive candidates among which are two prominent self-styled “Prophets” allegedly sent by God according to their supporters to redeem Cameroon.
Biblically, God has always sent leaders to liberate His people, but every leader has always had his own époque according to the Creator’s Divine providence.
However, in the case of Cameroon, two of such “Prophets” are claiming to be the chosen and indispensable oracles of God to lead Cameroon during this most challenging time.
At 85, Paul Biya is indisputably fast advanced in age and naturally frail and has been in power since 1982, just three years after his purportedly colleague in the realm of spirituality, Ndifor Afanwi Frankline, popularly known as Prophet Frank was born.

Biya and Pope Francis

The two represent different generations and appeared in different époque of history even though both are asserting claims to a single throne purportedly at the behest of God. This reminds us of the Biblical story of King Saul and King David, the first having been appointed by God and later on disavowed by the same God in the place of King David.
Both were actually scrambling for the same throne which was finally occupied by King David.
Ndifor Afanwi Frankline or Prophet Frank as members of the Kingship International Ministries, Ndobo, Douala, where he is the Chief Shepherd would love to call him is a self-acclaimed Prophet and according to his followers, he is their “Papa in the Lord.”
Even before the 2018 election was announced, Paul Biya’s followers had also made allusions to his endeared relation with God. The late Francois Foning of Wouri V CPDM Constituency would always accord Paul Biya such attributes tantamount to a clergy.
With the demise of Foning, other cohorts of the incumbent President have certainly been seduced by Biya’s unending reign and his firm grip of power, despite the downfall of his comrades in other countries.
This evangelical mission of Biya can only be ended by the sender Himself according to these followers.
Even though the spiritual authority of Paul Biya is seemingly new, he actually grew within the ranks of the Catholic Church where he narrowly missed the Priesthood. However, believers in his mission on earth have certainly regurgitated the lost priesthood and style it today to the trends of the times. In these times, another title has been added to Paul Biya’s personality.
He is now known as His Excellency Prophet Paul Biya.
The trend of the times in Cameroon and most of Africa is that of Prophets sent by God. It is in this dispensation that little known Ndifor Afanwi Franklin suddenly rose to prominence with people coming from all the corners of the country and abroad seeking for spiritual assistance.
With little or no experience in politics, Prophet Frank is encouraged by the foundation Prophets of the Old Testament who led their people even though novices in leadership. Meanwhile, Paul Biya who is campaigning on the slogan, “the force of experience” is also drawing experience from the Patriarchal Prophet Abraham also known as the Father of the Nation.

Merging Ndifor Franklin the politician and Prophet Frank in this campaign poster

Indeed, CPDM supporters see Paul Biya as the Father of the Nation which is why they want him to stay on especially during these difficult times for a Father does not abandon the house during trying moments.
Hence, they see his mission as Divine which to them should be an example to the entire world. While launching CPDM campaigns for Tokombere in the Mayo Sava Division of Far North Region, House Speaker, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, stated emphatically that Paul Biya is the “saviour of Cameroon” and should be allowed to stay on.
Even opposition leader turned “Biyaiste,” Jean de Dieu Momo of PADDEC party argued that Paul Biya is like a “god to Cameroon.”
In the meantime, Ndifor Franklin considers himself as the rightful emissary from God, embedded with a salvific grace and bearer of an evangelical panacea to heal the wounds of Cameroonians and his Anglophone brothers and sisters.
Just like the Biblical David, Ndifor sees himself as already anointed as King and just waiting for the day to possess what rightfully belongs to him.
With a convincing message to his church members, most of them including hundreds of Pastors have also thrown their weight behind him financially and spirituality since according to them it is an incumbent duty to care for “God’s anointed.”

However, God cannot send two persons to sit on the same throne at the same time. Nonetheless, with the claims made by each of the “Prophets” it would only be after October 7 that Cameroonians would know the way forward; whether victory has gone to the Prophet without a church or to the Prophet with a gigantic structure welcoming thousands every Sunday, or none of the above. It would either be celebrations in the spree of food and drinks in bars for one of the Prophets or celebrations in Praise and worship for the other or other means of celebration if finally, the Slaims of the two self-styled Prophets are not affirmed.

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