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SW population on red alert after Cholera scare

The populations of the South West Region have been called upon to be more vigilant and exercise a high level of hygienic condition in a bid to avert the Cholera epidemic from affecting the Region.

The call was made by the South West Regional Delegate of Public Health, Dr Victor Njie Mbome during a sensitisation meeting with stakeholders and media practitioner in the Region.

Cholera outbreak was first recorded this year in Cameroon in May 2018, with suspected cases in the Northern part of the country. Today, the epidemic has spread to the country’s two strategic Regions of the Centre and Littoral Regions.

According to recent report published by the Ministry of Public Health, Cameroon is now registering over a 100 suspected cases of Cholera infection in these Regions.

In a bid to avert this deadly epidemic from spreading to the South West Region, which medics say can kill a person in less than 30 minutes if not properly handle, Dr Mbome Njie thought it wise to educate the public on ways to avoid the epidemic.

According to the Regional Delegate of Public Health, the initiative is coming at time when the Region is experiencing mass exodus of people to the Littoral and Centre Regions where cases of the disease have been reported.

The mass exodus which is caused by the socio- political instability in the South West Region has forced many to run into the bushes for safety.

“While in the bushes, the people are not privileged to exercise a high level of hygiene since there are no proper toilets or potable water. All these are dangerous to the health of an individual as they are very expose to Cholera infection,” the Delegate said.

Dr. Mbome Njie said it is imperative for everyone to maintain a high level of hygienic conditions to void the disease.

“People should endeavour to wash their hands after using the toilet with running water or pour to them by somebody. They should equally drink clean pipe borne water and for those who don’t access to this, they should boil their water leave it to cold and settle, drained into a container before consumption.”

In case of any suspected case, he said, they should report to the nearest health centre in their area for help where the patient will be administered proper health care.  Individuals in the Region who migrated to other towns like Douala and Yaoundé should practice the same hygienic conditions and should visit the nearest health centre for medical check-up before returning to the South West Region. If all of these is put in place, Cholera epidemic will be kept abbey in the South West Region and the inhabitants will be safe and free from the disease,” Mbome asserted.

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