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Italian firm wins big construction contract in Libya, seven years after Italy led NATO ousted Gaddafi


A consortium of Italian companies has been awarded the contract to build a US$93 million airport in Tripoli Libya, according to Libya’s Prime Minister Fayez Serraj.

The consortium will be building two terminals at Tripoli airport, a domestic and international terminal. Libya Herald reported in May 2018 that they had information from Libya’s transport Minister which states the “the international terminal will be ready in just ten months”.

Africa Intelligence said in July 2017 that Consorzio Aeneas, the Consortium that won the contract consisted of two small firms operating on a very small scale, and that their contract at the airport is a mystery.

The Italian Embassy refuted the claims, saying:

“No mystery. Consortium (≠company) is group of preexisting firms. AENEAS has all experience 2do great work @ #Tripoli airport. Stop disinformation”

Milad Matug, Libya’s Minister of Transport and Communications, told Xinhua  in June this year that “[his] ministry has completed all technical and financial procedures to start implementing the airport reconstruction project.”

Libya’s Tripoli airport was destroyed in 2014 following violent clashes between rival militias, some of which had made the airport their bastion.

This followed a NATO led invasion of Libya in 2011. NATO, led by Italian and French forces, supported Libyan rebels to overthrow and kill the former authoritarian Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi.

In July this year, Italy’s Defence Minister Elisabetta Trenta told France to stop intervening in Libya’s internal affairs after the French government called for elections in Libya in December this year.

“Italy is close to Libya, not out ahead of it, and will help it to resist foreign interference,” Trenta told journalists after returning to Italy from Libya.

The airport contract is part of several other contracts awarded to Italian firms after they successfully ousted Gaddafi.



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