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Buea Mayor begs Biya to pardon secessionists, advocates for peace among SW CPDM elite

The Mayor of Buea, Ekema Patrick Esunge, has begged President Paul Biya to have mercy on youths in Anglophone Regions, who have picked up arms against the Government.

He equally stressed on the need for peace and unity to reign among the South West CPDM elites.

Mayor Ekema made the appeal on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 in Buea, during the CPDM South West Regional campaign rally.

According to the Mayor, forgiving the secessionists will illustrate President Biya’s fatherly love to his children despites the wrongs they have committed.

He equally added that reconciling the differences within the South West CPDM elite will create an environment of peace and unity, which will enable their Presidential candidate to secure a 100 percent victory.

“On behalf of the population of this Region and in my capacity as elected Mayor of Buea, I humbly submit to the Head of State, to pardon our brothers and sisters for demonstrating deviant behaviour, as father of the nation, we pray you find space in your heart to forgive us as the father did in the prodigal son”, the Mayor reiterated.

“I wish to urge our party Chairman President, Paul Biya, to pardon those top South West CPDM elite, who have been attempting to nurse seeds of discord among CPDM militants in the Region”, he added.

According to the Mayor, the separatist fighters and internally displaced persons are brothers and sisters of the party.

“We cannot in any circumstances disagree with the fact that these separatist and internally displaced are not related to us in one way or the other; consequently, it is incumbent on us as true patriots to reunite our families,” Ekema averred.

He equally urged the supporters of the party to advise their brothers and sister who have picked up arms against the State to drop it and to join candidate Biya in bringing peace and development in Cameroon.

The Municipal authority recounted the numerous achievements carried out in the South West Region by the incumbent President Paul Biya and added that it is now time for the people to vote Biya, who has always been supportive to the entire Region and has never failed in bringing development in the South West Region.

It should be noted there have been uproar among CPDM elite in the Region, since the launch of the Presidential campaigns.





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