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Garga Haman promises to reinstitute House of Chiefs if voted President

Garga Haman Adji, candidate of the Alliance for Democracy and Development(ADD) at the October 7 Presidential poll has promised to put in place a House of Chiefs for all traditional rulers in Cameroon as it were in the famous days of former West Cameroon, if voted as President.

The former Minister made the promise as he continued his campaigns in Mougoude, Mayo-Sava Division of the Far North Region to woo voters.

According to the ADD Chieftain, Cameroonians have strayed away from their culture. Garga told reporters that Cameroonians are not French or English in the first place. He holds the opinion that the identity of every Cameroonian is hidden in culture which can be best preserved through restoring the respect of traditional rulers.

Using his visit to the traditional ruler of Mougoude, the Presidential aspirant said, there is no way one can visit a village without going to see the Chief.

To him, the traditional authorities are custodians of tradition who must be brought into contributing to preserve the nation’s culture.

In an interview granted the State broadcaster, CRTV on the same topic, Garga said, his inspiration is for Cameroon to have a House of Chiefs like it used to be in the days of former West Cameroon.

Given Garga’s dwindling political fortunes in the race to becoming Cameroon’s President for decades, many see his plan as a pipe dream which he may never have an opportunity to implement.

Under the Biya regime, most traditional rulers have been transformed into CPDM militants. Scores of them are Senators owing to Presidential magnanimity. Often times, this comes at the expense of peace among the Chiefs in their different Regions as most scramble to get Presidential honour.

A few years back, President Biya decreed salaries for traditional rulers depending on rank. According to that decision, third class traditional rulers earn FCFA 50,000 a month, while the second grade chiefs earn FCFA 100,000 and FCFA 200,000 for first class chiefs.


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