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Tension escalates in Yaoundé after Polling Station Head attempted stuffing boxes with ballot papers

Tension has erupted in some polling stations in Yaoundé just after polls closed for the Presidential election at 06:00pm local time.

At the Government Bilingual Primary School Bastos where incumbent Paul Biya voted and many top Government Ministers as well as opposition candidate, Akere Muna, a scuffle developed between representatives of some opposition parties and the President of the polling station.

According to the representative of UNIVERS party of Cabral Libii, the polling station head introduced foreign ballot papers when Paul Biya came in since security disposition did not permit them to be vigilant.

After complaining, the polling station head promised to disclose the number of registered persons publicly before counting begins so that the numbers can be equated.

But at 06:00 pm when polls closed, the President of the polling station refused to disclose the number of voters before counting. Tensions mounted, and it degenerated to a fight which was only stopped by security officers.

Elsewhere, voting was done in secret with members of the public refused to watch the process as provided by the law. In most cases, counting was done in dark only safe by light from mobile phones and sometimes solar lamps.

According to the unofficial tally, the race is reduced to Paul Biya, Maurice Kamto and Cabral Libii.



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