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Gov’t Ministers, CPDM stalwarts restless after Kamto’s media outing

Since the press outing of the Presidential candidate of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM), proclaiming himself as the victor of the October 7 Presidential election, Government officials, CPDM bigwigs and other politicians have become restless, expressing their anger across traditional and various social media platforms.

One of the first reactions came from Issa Tchiroma, who said Professor Kamto who is a Jurist has instead outlawed himself by making such a declaration.

According to the CPDM Scribe, Jean Nkuete who immediately convened the press, the population should remain calm be patient until the Constitutional Council proclaims the results.

While other politicians called for calm, Professor Pascale Messanga Nyamnding, President of the Biyaiste Movement and a CPDM Central Committee declared that the incumbent, Paul Biya is the winner of the election.

“My dear compatriots, our country Cameroon has just lived one of the most intense and complex parts of our Pluralist Democracy. Faced with the obvious identity, withdrawal of some immature compatriots, vulnerable and hateful, despite the intimidations, abominable threats, you remained lucid, strong and patriotic. To this end, I congratulate you for the lucidity and patriotism that you have shown in overwhelmingly plebisciting for candidate Paul Biya. This renewed confidence for the next seven years will enable us to consolidate a single and indivisible Cameroonian nation in peace, progress, development and growth of all our communities.”

Garga Haman Adji, who led the ADD party into the Presidential race said he himself is surprised that another Presidential candidate would declare himself winner before the Constitutional Council.

The argument has also been shifted to the social media where even Government Ministers are trying to convince the public to desist from Kamto’s discourse.

Issa Tchiroma Bakary, Cameroon’s Communication Minister, has since been very regular on social media platforms including twitter and Facebook. In one of his messages he said, “It is not possible to govern Cameroon without respecting its laws and regulations. We call on the people of Cameroon, of whom we are convinced of their great maturity to wait calmly for the proclamation of the results by the Constitutional Council.”

His message has, however, received a serious backlash with socialite asking him whether laws are being respected in Cameroon.

Some have argued that Kamto has violated no law because article 113 of the Electoral Code gives room for ballots to be counted immediately polls are closed and results proclaimed, while others have argued that there is no express law prohibiting individuals from proclaiming the results.

According to this class of people, the legislator did not expressly state that the Constitutional Council is the sole announcer of results.

This afternoon, PURS leader, Serge Espoir Matomba, is expected to address the public at the party’s headquarters.

Kamto’s declaration seems to have taken everybody by surprise. It is the first time since 1992 that a Presidential candidate with such a following is going ahead to declare himself winner even before the official results


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