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Breaking News: “Amba boys” in Bui Division have arrested the Mayor of Kumbo Njong Donatus

Secessionists fighters in the town of Kumbo, Bui Division, North West Region of Cameroon have arrested the popular Mayor of Kumbo, Njong Donatus, who they have accused of calling their fighters terrorists and of siding with the Cameroonian government.

National Times saw pictures on Wednesday 10 October of gunmen leading the municipal official to an unknown destination. A source familiar with the event told National Times that the Mayor has been taken away to an unknown destination. We could not confirm why the Mayor, who until now has not be attacked by the secessionists, has been taken captive.

Mayor Donatus led away by gunmen

However, two people with knowledge of the Mayor’s relationship with “Amba Boys” told National Times that the Mayor was part of government officials who took part in the installation of new senior divisional officer of Bui Division which angered some secessionists leaders in Bui. They also believe that Mr Donatus’ denunciation of secessionists groups in the past weeks may have ignited the ire of the “Amba boys”. Some Amba supporters have expressed anger over the Mayor’s appellation of secessionists fighters as terrorists and vandals.

Meanwhile, in 2015, the Mayor was involved in a dispute with the Fon of Nso over the management of Kumbo Water Authority (KWA). The Mayor wanted the Council to manage KWA while the Fon wanted an independent authority appointed by the Fon to manage KWA. It is highly unlikely however that the Mayor was kidnapped by “Amba boys” because of issues related with his relationship with the Fon of Nso.

Mayor Donatus is widely popular in Kumbo, and his arrest may lead to protest or backlash from his supporters against the “Amba boys”.

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