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Constitutional Court Receives Petitions to Annul Presidential Vote

Two Cameroonians have petition Cameroon’s top court to annul the 7 October polls, arguing the elections were marked by fraud and other electoral regularities.
The Constitutional Court received the petition on Thursday from Bertin Kisob and Rigobert Minhaba Aminou, who filed 15 complaints in their bid to have the results of the recent elections canceled.  Maka Eyoum Longin, registrar-in-chief of the Constitutional Council, told reporters Wednesday in the capital, Yaounde that the court has received the petition and will will look into it before the final results are announced. A deadline for the filing of petitions expires at midnight on Wednesday, he said.Cameroon Electoral code gives the Constitutional Court 48 hours to decide on electoral petition. Several Cameroonians are skeptical on the Court’s ability to make independent and objective decisions given that all the judges were appointed by current President Biya.

The Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court  approved a 22 member committee on Wednesday to start counting the ballots.  He instructed the committee to be objective and abide by the law, and submit the final results in five days.

Tensions are high in the country as different political factions await the final results.

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