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CRM Spokesperson confirms Kamto’s victory, slams detractors for inciting an uprising to blame Kamto

The Spokesperson of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM), Olivier Nissack, has confirmed the victory of the party’s flag bearer to the October 7 Presidential election.

In a press briefing on Wednesday, at the party’s headquarters in Yaoundé, Nissack maintained that Professor Maurice Kamto has won the October 7 election. While using a phrase which is now synonymous to Kamto’s political victory Nissack said, “We maintain that Professor Maurice Kamto has fired the penalty and scored.”

Olivier Nissack, CRM spokesman

He also said there have credible information that attacks are being planned to put the blame on Maurice Kamto. “We have information showing that popular uprisings and attacks are being planned to blame it on Maurice Kamto. We are informing the public to be our witness,” he said.

The CRM Spokesperson also declared that his party would be dragging the CRTV and the Minister of Territorial Administration to court for projecting fake observers as emissaries from Transparency International and for claiming that the CRM had no representatives in the Anglophone Regions during the election.

He dispelled all rumours that the residence of the party Chairman and Presidential candidate, Maurice Kamto, has been attacked.

This is the first official outing of the party since its candidate, Maurice Kamto auto-proclaimed winner of the Presidential election.

On Thursday, the party and some members of the coalition including Barrister Yondo Black and Akere Muna would be holding a press conference in Douala.

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