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October 7 Presidential: Cameroon’s Vote Counting Commission to complete work this week

The National Vote Counting Commission has promised that the counting of votes at the national level, following the October 7 Presidential election, would be completed before the end of the week.

Speaking on Tuesday, as he opened the session, the President of the National Vote Counting Commission, Emile Essombe, declared that they have until the weekend to do their job and Cameroonians should be patient and belief in the institutions of the State. “We are assuring Cameroonians that before the end of this week, counting must have been done at the level of the Commission,” Emile Essombe said.

Members of Vote Counting commission

He also said theirs is not the proclamation of the results, but to recount everything making sure the figures do match.

According to the Electoral Code of Cameroon, the National Vote Counting Commission recounts all the votes cast throughout the national territory and thereafter submits its report to the Constitutional Council which goes ahead with the proclamation of the results. All these are to be done within 15 days after polling.

Members of the National Vote Counting Commission are drawn from ELECAM, the administration, the Constitutional Council and representatives of all the political parties in competition.

Worthy of note is the fact that the President of the National Vote Counting Commission, Emile Essombe is a Magistrate by profession and a member of the Constitutional Council of Cameroon.

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