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AU Chairperson ask political stakeholders to restraint from inciting tensions as Cameroon awaits elections results

The Chairperson of African Union (AU) Commission, Moussa Faki Mahamat, has called on all political stakeholders in Cameroon to exercise maximum restraint as the country awaits final results from the 7 October election.

‘The Chairperson underlines the need for all political stakeholders to exercise maximum restraint and refrain from any statement or action that could heighten tensions. Any claim relating to the electoral process should be handled through the existing legal mechanisms’ the statement read.

The statement was published on  Tuesday, 9 October, a day after the leader of the Movement for the Rebirth of Cameroon (MRC), Maurice Kamto, told the media that he was asked to kick a penalty, which he kicked and scored. Several political actors in the country have interpreted the statement as declaration that the MRC won the elections. But Kamto, a law professor and lawyer for the International Court of Justice, has not explicitly declared that he won the elections.

In a preliminary statement issued after the elections, the AU Observers Mission to the election said the election was held in a relatively peaceful and legal environment, except for the North West and South West regions where ongoing fighting between government and secessionist fighters hinder electoral activities. But Commission called on all electoral stakeholders and voters to ‘Engage in an all-inclusive political dialogue aimed at promoting political, legal and electoral reforms in order to consolidate democracy, governance, peace and stability’.

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