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Corpses of post-election victims ‘missing’

The corpses of Gilbert Ngoh and Emmanuel Akateh killed in Kumba, South West Region of Cameroon for allegedly voting in the October 7 Presidential poll are reportedly missing.

So far, the number of persons killed by gunmen for violating the election boycott crusade carried out by separatists’ fighters has increased to three.

The National Times gathered that after trashing the suspects to death, the gunmen buried them inside the bush.

Accounts are emerging that some relatives were only called up and shown the places where the deceased have been buried with warnings that they have no right to mourn them.

Emmanuel Akateh

The highest casualty is in the Barombi Kang village. Here Gilbert Ngoh and Emmanuel Akateh both aged 39 were kidnapped and trashed to death for reportedly performing their civic rights in this year’s controversial Presidential election.

Besides the case of the duo, which emerged on Wednesday, October 10, there is the third case of a business man abducted in the Kosala neighbourhood for the same reason. The man, whose names The National Times could not immediately get, went missing on Thursday. On Saturday, news emerged that he had been killed in captivity.

Information making the rounds across Kumba holds that the separatists consider those killed as traitors. They are said to be against the staging of any funeral in honour of such persons.

A few others in the same neighbourhood whose names have reportedly been mentioned among those who voted have vamoosed form their homes for fear of the unknown.


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