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Soldiers shot my driver, Fru Ndi reveals

The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front Party (SDF), Ni John Fru Ndi, has revealed that Cameroon soldiers shot his driver on Saturday, October 14, 2018.

The outing of the SDF Chairman was to debunked reports from media organs and social media platforms that the driver was attacked and shot by pro-independence fighters.

SDF National Chairman

According to an official communiqué issued by the party on Monday, October 15, the Secretary General of the SDF said Comrade Salifou was shot with live bullets at the Bamenda Food Market on his way home.

“The Secretary General of the Social Democratic Front informs the national and international communities that neither any attack nor scene whatsoever took place at the National Chairman’s residence….the Chairman is currently at his residence in Bamenda where he is carrying out his normal activities”, the communiqué reads.

It should be noted that other media organs and social media platforms had reported that the SDF Chairman was attacked and kidnapped by pro-independence fighters whom in the process shot the driver.

The communiqué signed by SG, Senator Jean Tsomelou, revealed that the driver of the National Chairman is currently receiving treatment though his condition is critical.

Communique signed by SDF SG

The SDF SG, frowned at the callous and irresponsible attitude of some members of the Security and Defence forces who persistently shoot live bullets targeting citizens in Bamenda.

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