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Trending: Disgruntled groom crashes his traditional wedding, after bride’s family demands 2.7 million

The inhabitants of the Mambanda-Douala neighbourhood were shocked last weekend, after a guy who brought his family to pay the dowry of his would be wife, collected everything prospective husband and his family brought for the ceremony, and left the girl and her relatives to wipe off the sweat of shame on their faces.

According to sources very close to the story, the 40 years old man Guy, who is a based in Italy, actually travelled into the country for this event, which was to be one of the most glorious events in his life.

His fiancée of 5 years Julie and her parents had demanded an elastic list of items for the traditional marriage, which in Africa is more valued than the white wedding itself.

The items to be bought on the list were close to 900 000F CFA, excluding the bride price proper which was set at 1.8 Million F CFA, summing up to a total of 2.7 Million F CFA, just for the traditional marriage rites.

The would-be groom’s parents went to their would-be in-laws two months before the D-day of October 27, to negotiate and trim down their exorbitant demands, telling them that a woman’s dowry is a continuous process. But the in-laws said they will do just little, and the date was fixed for last Saturday.

The would-be groom had given his in-laws 500 000F CFA for the reception, which was nowhere on the elastic dowry list, and everything was set for the event to happen.

Invited guests, friends and well-wishers gathered that evening to have the fun of their life, and some were already being entertained lightly, when they heard a commotion coming from the living room, where close relatives of both the would-be bride and groom were focused on the final traditional marriage rites.


On list of things worth 900K, Guy’s family slashed it down into two, and bought things worth 450K. On the 1.8 Million F CFA cash that was supposed to have been given, they gave 500K, and Julie’s family refused to accept neither the cash nor the tings, that Guy’s family must pay as stated on the list. All attempts from Guy’s family to persuade their in-laws, met with stiff resistance until the groom’s people could plead no more.

In the end, the would be groom’s relative decided to call off the event, and carried their tins of oil, bags of rice, pigs, goats, pieces of cloths, blankets and everything they brought, and loaded them in the truck that brought them and left. Before it could dawn on Julie’s family that they were losing everything, the groom and his people had already left.


The bride’s family tried to plead, but it was too late. Our source who is the sister to Guy said her family has advised Guy to look for another girl from a very respectful home, who will not want to sell off their daughter because the groom lives abroad, but who will happily give her away to marriage out of love as the tradition demands.


Guy is finalizing his travel plans back to Italy, while Julie has her eyes left to cry, and she continuously curse her parents for wanting to get rich over night by selling her to the man who has taken care of her education and well-being for the past five years.


This true-live story should serve as an eye opener to African parents especially, who think their daughters are commodities to be sold off at a high cost, forgetting that the man married to their daughter would be their old age support.

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