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‘General Die’ dies after firing at Cameroon’s opposition kingpin


Bamenda (National Times)-A youngster masquerading as a separatists’ fighter  popularly known as ‘General Die’  in Mezam Division, North West Region of Cameroon has reportedly died following a shoot-out days after he fired a bullet over the head of Social Democratic Front(SDF) National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi.

The politician of opposition fame disclosed the information to inhabitants of Baba II village recently as he went visiting his home that suffered an arson attack. Gunmen had looted Fru Ndi’s village house, set it ablaze and disappeared to the unknown.

“Where we are standing now, one of them fired a bullet but luckily the bullets entered the soil besides this Kolanut tree…When one of them who called himself  ‘General Die’ shot over my head, I told him that he has picked  his ill luck from that day. I later heard he was killed during a shoot-out with the military,” Fru Ndi told the population of Baba II.

Besides recounting his encounters with the separatists’ fighters, the SDF leader said he suspects that some members of Biya’s cabinet are behind the burning of his residence.

Fru Ndi alluded  that the chain of events around his village house is akin to what transpired in Pinyin-Menka, Chomba and Mbatu wherein scores of youths were killed under controversial circumstances.

“Today, a group of hoodlums claiming to be ‘Amba boys’ will come and desecrate my compound. No these are thieves not Amba Boys. I have said repeatedly that, true Amba fighters fighting for Anglophones which I support are not thieves,” the veteran politician declared.

Fru Ndi questioned the silence of Government in the face of all the developments.

He said it was the numerous complaints from the population of Baba II on the constant harassment from unidentified gunmen that forced him to visit the locality. He said few days after he visited the village; the attackers stormed his compound, looted property in three pickup vehicles and then set the house on fire.

Two boys living in the house had escaped on the day of the attack to safety after a group of 20 gunmen stormed the residence sprinkling fuel. The gunmen then alerted anyone in the house to run for their lives or remain and be burnt alive. The workers are said to have watched helplessly as the house went up in flames despite informing the Chairman of the development.


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