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Barrister Michel Ndoki, other CRM members to be docked for inciting post-electoral protest

Douala (National Times)-Barrister Michel Ndoki and other members of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) have been summoned to appear before the Bonanjo Court of First Instance in Douala on November 6, 2018.

According to the summon, Barrister Michel Ndoki and other CRM members have been accused of violating orders by protesting in Douala.

Barrister Ndoki and over 40 members of the CRM party were arrested on Sunday, October 28, 2018 in Douala as they were protesting against electoral fraud, which they said characterised the October 7 Presidential election.

Those who were arrested were later freed hours after the intervention of other lawyers and CRM party supporters.

According to the peaceful demonstrators, Professor Maurice Kamto, presidential candidate of the CRM won the October 7 election but the results were rigged to favour the incumbent President, Paul Biya.

The demonstrations were witnessed throughout the city of Douala and Yaounde and saw massive turnout of supporters of the CRM party.

Before the peaceful protests, the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, warned against any public demonstration during and after the proclamation of the October 7 Presidential election and promised severe punishment to defaulters.



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