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‘Exiled’ Chief orders ‘Ambazonia’ Fighters to drop arms before November 6

Kumba(National Times)-The Traditional Ruler of Etam I village, Tombel Sub-division, South West Region of Cameroon  says separatist fighters and persons masquerading as such within his chiefdom have up till Tuesday, November 6,2018,  to drop their arms and contribute  the growth of the community or face whatever happens after the deadline.

Chief Christopher Kome Alobwede, who has escaped his village for over a year issued the ultimatum Friday, November 2, as he reacted to rumours within his community that, he was in the process of bringing in soldiers and armoured cars to terrorise villagers.

The Traditional Ruler told The Lake Site Radio that he got the allegations about him preparing to invade the village with soldiers and so decided to clarify the public.

The Chief denied having any plan to invade his village with soldiers and the military. He told his people to come out of the bushes and return to their normal activities.

Kome asserted that it is time for the people of his community to  regain their homes and everyone contribute to building a vibrant locality. He said, eve the gunmen who go about threatening and frightening others of an impending military crackdown  should lay down their arms and contribute to building the village.

The Chief said those fomenting and propagating information on a supposed military invasion are detractors who desire to frustrate his reign in the village. He disclosed that since he left the village, the only person he has been communicating with is the Divisional Officer (DO) of Tombel Sub-division.

Quizzed on how he was ruling the village from his hideout, the custodian of tradition asserted that he still remains the authority over the community. He said, he remains in contact with notables of the community and the administration to ensure that the village is on the right path.

Etam I, a farming locality has experienced losses in the wake of the Anglophone Crisis. Individuals have been roasted alive, teachers abducted and killed and the palace of the Chief set ablaze. These acts have been attributed to gunmen claiming to be separatist fighters loyal to the ‘Ambazonia’ movement. With the declaration from the Chief, it is left to be seen what will transpire in the village beyond Tuesday next week should the gunmen ignore the call from the Traditional Ruler.


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