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Cameroon’s Senators, MPs set to ‘clap 2019 State budget into adoption as November session opens

Yaoundé (National Times)-Members of Parliament (MPs) and Senators of Cameroon’s legislative chambers are set begin scrutinising the country’s 2019 draft budget and  will observe the oath-taking ceremony of President-elect, Paul Biya, as the third ordinary session of parliament gets underway this November 2.

These are the two known issues that must transpire within the legislative chambers as the Senators and Parliamentarians sit in session for the next 30 days. Deliberations will open today with members of the National assembly meeting in plenary at 11:00 am. Then at 4:00PM it would be the turn of Senators to meet in solemn session.

House Speaker, Hon. Cavaye Yeguie Djibril,  will preside over deliberations at the National Assembly, while Senate President, Marcel Niat Njifenji, will do same  at the Upper Chamber of the House. Both houses are expected to begin with opening speeches from their respective leaders to set the tone for work.

Though no official date has been announced, it is expected that the incumbent President, Paul Biya, will be before the Senators and MPs in a joint session to take the traditional oath of office. It will be Biya’s 7th time of performing the ritual of swearing to be guarantor of Cameroon’s integrity and to perform his duties as Head of State in line with the dictates of the country’s Constitution.

Unfortunately, Cameroonians are less enthusiastic about the possible outcome of anything new. The general belief among many has been that, the elected officials simply go into session for formality sake. They have often been accused of performing the role of hand clappers given the history of always approving every bill coming from the executive without a second thought.

At the moment, details about the 2019 draft budget are yet o be made public. The only hope is expected to come from the budget allocated to the newly created Ministry of Decentralisation and Local Development. At the moment, information is to the effect that, the 360 local Councils in Cameroon might be allocated an extra sum of FCFA 100 million to execute development projects.


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