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Witchcraft is one of the organisational tactics of the CPDM- Professor Ngolle Ngolle

Yaoundé (National Times)-Renowned Cameroonian politician and Coordinator of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) party Academy, Professor Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, says his party also uses mystical means in politicking and in the organisation of its campaigns.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The National Times News, the former Minister of Forestry and Wild Life argued that most opposition parties failed to conquer power because they lack the organisational mechanism, one of which is the mastery and usage of mystical means and nocturnal activities.

“This year the CPDM party based its campaigns on three main angles; organisational aspect, experience and the mastery of the weakness of the opponents. As concerns organisation of the party’s activities and campaigns, we based our arguments on the quality of the leader, quality of campaign message, campaign structure, the usage of mystical means and nocturnal activities. In fact, in politics some even use mami wata,” Ngolle Ngolle said, adding that “you use every means at your disposal, there are even people with six senses, they use them as well.”

According to the Professor of Political Science, the party exploited every means at its disposal to make sure their candidate and champion wins the election. He said in very difficult situations like in the North West and South West Regions, campaigns were not done in the classical manner, but sometimes using nocturnal means.

Ngolle Ngolle argued that whatever means you use in politics should be within the law because no country exists out of the law which he classifies as the bases of the Republic.

According to him, one of the major failures of the opposition parties in the just ended election is that they want change without preparing, organising themselves and making sure they cover the entire national territory of Cameroon and the diaspora. He said the CPDM party candidate did not go to many places but won because he had already organised the party structure in such a way that even without him being there the message goes through.

He criticised opposition parties for building their strength only around party candidates, who cannot go everywhere and hence unable to convince the electorate.

He said the CPDM party is always well organised at every level and well represented in all 360 council areas of Cameroon and the diaspora. Moreover, with the help of the party Academy which he coordinates, they trained their militants on party issues, how to engage in electioneering as well as republican values.

We will bring the complete interview to you our esteemed readers in a few hours. The interview is intriguing, revealing and a must read.

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