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Kamto’s Lawyer to appear in court on Biya’s swearing-in ceremony

Kamto’s Lawyer to appear in court on Biya’s swearing-in ceremony

Douala (National Times)-Barrister Michelle Ndoki Sonia Martine, one of the Counsels of the MRC Presidential candidate at the October 7 Presidential elections has been summoned to the Bonanjo Court of First Instance on November 6, same day incumbent Paul Biya is expected to be sworn-in as President.

According to a document bearing the name of Bailiff Koubei Yith Lydienne, Barrister Ndoki is expected to appear at the Bonanjo Court at 7:30AM on the said date.

The document details that Ndoki took part in a public manifestation in Douala on October 27 in defiance of decisions of the Governor proscribing such outings.

The document states that the lawyer staged manifestations without any official authorisations from competent authorities to protest against the results of the Presidential election.

Within the same piece a copy which The National Times read through, the Bailiff writes that Ndoki called for insurrection to destabilise the functioning of State institutions. It specifies that the protest was staged with placards and T-shirts bearing the message “No to electoral hold-up”. The document recalls that the actions are against the provisions of articles 74, 96, 157,231 and 267 of the Penal Code.

Though it is early to predict the outcome of the legal process underway, political pundits see the move as a pre-emptive measure to prevent any public rallies that might stain the swearing –in ceremony of the President. Biya is expected to be sworn-in same day to coincide with his 36th anniversary in power. He became President on November 6, 1982, following Constitutional provisions that made Biya the successor of former President, Ahmadou Ahidjo.

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