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‘Cultist’ dies after confession of ritual killings, Villagers celebrate Military brutality

Muyuka(National Times)-Villagers in Bafia, Muyuka Sub-division, Fako Division of the South West Region of Cameroon have erupted into celebration, thanking the military following the death of an occult man, who confessed of having killed 15 persons.

The man, whose names we are withholding for fear of his family members being ostracised from the community, took ill recently after a military raid destroyed his charms in his home.

The ‘cultist’ died in the early hours of Thursday November 1, 2018, after being bedridden for close to a month. Reports hold that, on his dying bed, the man admitted to have killed 15 persons within the period of the Anglophone Crisis through occult means.

A good number of the names he is said to have mentioned are neighbours to his family compound in the said village. The native of North West extraction had lived in Bafia for decades and was married to two wives.

In the face of the confession and subsequent death, some villagers who had transactions with the said man have been celebrating that he did not kill them through occult means.

Recently, one of his children died in a mysterious fire incident in the Sub-divisional headquarter of Muyuka. That too he is said to have confessed to be responsible for the incident.

The deceased owned many cocoa plantations. He operated a beer parlour wherein people always gather to drink in groups.

By Maxcel Fokwen






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