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Cameroonian activists add Bamileke traditional rulers to boycott list

Supporters of Professor Maurice Kamto have added four traditional rulers from the Western Region of Cameroon to the list of persons to be snubbed by Cameroonians in the diaspora as punitive measures for their support to the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Party (CPDM) to rig the October 7 elections in Cameroon.

Boris Bertolt, one of the key figures behind the boycott campaign sees boycotts as a vitally important extension of “people power”. The list which includes the traditional rulers of Bangangte, Bandjoun, Baham, and Bahouan, was published on Facebook on the 29th of October.

Hundreds of traditional rulers in Cameroon travel to Europe and North America every year on invitation from their community members living in these countries. Those abroad often sponsor these holiday trips covering flight, accommodation, and travel allowance.

According to the activists, the boycotts will see Bamileke community in the diaspora cut all forms of financial and cultural support with these chiefs. They are also to avoid all meetings, gatherings organized to welcome these rulers. Some are calling on the diaspora to go as far as withhold funding for community development projects under the management of these rulers.



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