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Dozens of protesters arrested in Bafoussam transferred to Yaounde

Over 20 of the 38 protesters arrested in Bafoussam on Sunday the 4th of October have been transferred to Yaounde where they are expected to face trial, a source familiar to event has told National Times.

38 protesters were arrested on Sunday in Bafoussam in a protest march calling for the installation and recognition of Maurice Kamto as the elected president of Cameroon.

Due to high insecurity in the West and North west region, the government of Cameroon on Monday November 5th, quickly transferred the protesters to Yaounde, the source who chose to remain anonymous told National Times.

“The government expects that there will be more protest in the Bafoussam and other main towns in the West region, so they decided that to ensure that all protesters face the wrath of the law, and there are no jail breaks as was the case in the North West region, all protesters will be transferred to maximum security facilities in Yaounde and Douala” the source added.

The government of Cameroon did not reply to request for comments.

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