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At inaugural ceremony, Biya ‘rejects’ calls for dialogue, promises to crush Ambazonia Warlords

Yaoundé ( National Times)-President Paul Biya has rejected calls for dialogue in the on-going Anglophone conflict and has promised to use the legality of the law and might of the military to crush dissenting voices in the Anglophone Regions.

While making his inaugural speech at his seventh oath taking ceremony, Paul Biya called on Ambazonian fighters to surrender their weapons and continue with normal life.

“To the warlords, I call on them to surrender their arms and join normal life, especially the youths,” Paul Biya said.

This is ad variance with calls even within Paul Biya’s own party which has been talking of dialogue in the place of force.

In a recent interview with the Coordinator of the CPDM Academy, Professor Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, he the academia said after taking the oath of office, the President would call for a national dialogue as a means to solve the Anglophone question. Religious leaders have also called for the interruption of the military operations which has caused untold suffering to the people; they have urged the President to use dialogue as a means of resolving the conflict.

Calls have been coming from the international community notably the United States, United Kingdom and the United Nations for Paul Biya to open dialogue with Anglophone nationalists.

However, the President warned that he would use the legality of the law and force and strength of the country’s military to crush dissenting forces in the two Regions that would not drop their guns.

While accepting that Anglophones took up arms because of frustration, Paul Biya, however argued that it would only be through decentralisation and autonomy of local Councils that their grievances can be addressed and he called on the population to give their support to his administration to fulfil this task.

Since Biya was declared winner of the Presidential election on October 22, violence in the two Regions has remained unabated.

Within this period, many civilians and military have been killed and recently an American missionary was also shot dead in Bambili. Just 48 hours before Biya’s oath taking, about 78 students of PSS Nkwen were also kidnapped to an unknown destination.


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