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Prof Kamto, Penda Ekoka, other CRM bigwigs arrested

Yaoundé (National Times)-The leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM), Professor Maurice Kamto, has been detained by security forces in Yaoundé in the course of a public demonstration.

In the company of Christian Penda Ekoka, former Technical Adviser of President Paul Biya and other CRM party bigwigs, Maurice Kamto rallied his supporters and sympathizers at the popular Nlongkak Roundabout in Yaoundé before being accosted and detained by security forces.

The meeting, which was taking place simultaneously with the swearing-in ceremony of President Paul Biya saw Kamto addressing a crowd of followers who acclaimed him as their “President-elect.”

During the protest rally, the CRM Presidential candidate at the October 7 election promised to come to the aid of hundreds of thousands of Anglophones who are displaced and to stand by the people of Cameroon, whom according to him, have elected him.

The international Lawyer and Professor of Law also said he would not use violence to make his way to the Presidency, but legal means.

As the crowd kept swelling despite the heavy militarisation of Yaoundé, security forces intervened and arrested a handful of the organisers including Maurice Kamto, Christian Penda Ekoka, CRM National Treasurer, Prof Alain Fogue and Barrister Simh who headed Kamto’s legal team at the Constitutional Council and other party militants.

According to Immanuel Bumakor, Spokesperson for Penda Ekoka who spoke to The National Times News, security officers have taken the leaders to the residence of Maurice Kamto, where they are trying to put them under what he termed “an illegal house arrest.” By press time, he said there was still a kind of standoff between Kamto and his team and security officers as the former are rejecting the indoor confinement. He also asserted that the security officers did not use force on them.

The demonstrations are part of a campaign which Kamto called “no to electoral holdup.” Demonstrations which are taking place at home and abroad and are aimed at bringing down the Biya Government in favour of Maurice Kamto who, according to CRM militants is the rightful winner of the October 7 Presidential election.

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