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Senate President ‘missing’ at Biya’s oath-taking ceremony

Yaoundé (National Times)-The President of Cameroon’s Upper House of Assembly, Senator Marcel Niat Njifendji, was conspicuously absent from oath-taking ceremony of President Paul Biya.

Niat Njifendji was represented for the first time by the first Deputy Speaker of the Senate, Aboubakary Abdoulaye.

The Lamido of Rey Bouba received the President at the oath taking ceremony on behalf of Niat, who has been out of the country for some months now due to ill-health.

Niat, a ruling CPDM baron was rumoured to have died in a Parisian hospital some weeks ago and only resurfaced on October 7 when he made his way to the polling station in Paris to vote.

In the company of his wife, the 84-year-old was looking very frail. With his legs unable to carry him faithfully.

Niat only made his way into the hall thanks to the help of a third party.

This is the first swearing-in ceremony since the setting up of the Cameroonian Senate in 2013 with Niat as its pioneer head. Since the advent of the Senate, Niat automatically became the second most important personality of the Republic after Paul Biya.

Constitutionally, it would take another seven years for a similar ceremony to take place, everything being equal. Then Niat, would be 91, if he still Senate President


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