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Kidnapped students of PSS Nkwen released

Bamenda(National Times)-About 78 students of Presbyterian Secondary School(PSS) Nkwen kidnapped on Sunday, breaking Monday November 5, 2018 have been released.

The kidnapped students were liberated in the early hours of Wednesday, November 7.

According to information The National Times gnarled the students have been released, but their Principal is still being held in captivity by the abductors.

Even though the information gotten is still sketchy, The National Times News learnt that students were dropped-off by their abductors in the early hours of Wednesday at the premises of Presbyterian Church Nsem, Bafut.

There was no exchange of gunfire or rescue mission even though hundreds of uniform officers had been dispatched to the area to secure their release.

The students are presently being interrogated at the Bamenda Gendarmerie Brigade before being presented to the Governor of the Region.

The school driver who was also kidnapped has been released.

However, the question many are asking is how this huge number of students could be successfully taking out of the school to an unknown destination without being spotted by security officers who are dotted everywhere in the area. Moreover, the Region is under a dusk to dawn curfew meaning no movements between 6:00pm and 6:00am and it would be a near impossibility to transport that huge number of students without being traced.

Just after their abduction, the Governor of the North West Region, Adolphe Lele L’Afirque also banned movements from one Sub-division to another. It is still not clear how these students were transported back to the place of rescue by their abductors given that the place has been heavily militarised and movements almost on a standstill. Security officials and authorities of the Church have maintained sealed lips.

There is controversy surrounding the abduction of the students. Some people are blaming the security forces for staging the abduction to give the pro-independence fighters a bad name to hang them. But others said the Amba Boys have been inflicting pains on those they are claiming to be fighting for.

Whatever the case, many are hoping that the investigation launched by the forces of law and order will uncover those behind the incident

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